Town of Dagsboro Mission Statement

To provide for the orderly growth and development of the Town; to promote the health, safety, prosperity and general open lands, water resources and recreational facilities; to ensure conservation of property values and natural resources; to afford adequate provisions for public utilities and infrastructure; to ensure proper educational needs and facilities for town staff.


Welcome to the new Town of Dagsboro Website!

The Official Website for the Town of Dagsboro, Delaware
Sussex County


The Town of Dagsboro is seeking members to serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission & Board of Adjustment members.  If you are interested, please contact the Town Hall for more information.

Calendar of Events

Click here for Town Council Calendar
Click here for Planning & Zoning Meeting Calendar



Artesian Water Company will be performing the annual hydrant maintenance for all hydrants in Town.

APRIL 21ST, 22ND, 23RD

Delaware Rural Water Association will be performing flow tests on the hydrants throughout Town.



If you experience discolored water during the dates above, it is due to system maintenance.  Run every faucet in your house until the water clears.  It is suggested that you do not do any laundry during the dates listed above and you may need to run your washing machine for a cycle to clear the water.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 



                                                                                    DAGSBORO WATER DEPARTMENT


The Town of Dagsboro has been awarded a Surface Water Matching Planning Grant from DNREC.
Click here for more information! 

 Last Update: 04/14/2014




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